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Great Shakes, Palm Springs

While in Palm Springs recently, my best friend took her sisters & me to Great Shakes, the most amazing shake shop on Earth.

Great Shakes Menu

Great Shakes Palm Springs

That’s a caramel milkshake. Great Shakes makes their own caramel sauce and whipped cream, both of which they’re generous with. If that’s not decadent enough for you, that’s a MINI DOUGHNUT on the straw, fresh baked. You can’t make this stuff up!

My best friend got a pine nut milk shake. This is where the shop really shone. My BFF & I have both fallen victims to “Pine mouth” or “Pine nut syndrome” & will not suffer cheap Chinese pine nuts, so my friend asked where they sourced their pine nuts from. Quick as a bunny, the girl went to find out! THEN the owner came out, chatted with us, while fresh roasting the pine nuts for her shake.

This shop is doing things right!

Great shakes also has a very endearing supply of old-timey candies & sells gift baskets of retro candy themed by decade.

Definitely check out Great Shakes next time you’re in Palm Springs, CA, but take my word for it, you can get by with the smaller-sized shake. I was challenged into getting a large by a 17-year-old girl (remember being able to eat anything you wanted all day long?) & I have forever sworn a vendetta on her, it was that over-whelming. If someone says “YOLO!” when you’re decided between sizes, they mean it as a threat. 😉 Get the small.

Make Gnome Mistake…

This is the AMAZING garden gnome I found while out shopping with my husband! He was not spotted at Gnome Depot, despite your best guess.


I nearly cried when I had to leave the store without him & his giant gnome twin. But alas, giant gnomes aren’t cheap ($130!) & my husband was with me. Frickin’ husbands, haters of joy & whimsy. He obviously has not heard the popular saying “to gnome me, is to love me”.

From this gnoment on, I will mourn the loss of my soul-mate & the joy he would bring to my garden.

(If gnome puns were dollars, I’d be well on my way to purchasing said gnome.)

I’ve got a Virgin Emergency!

We spent the weekend in a cabin. At bedtime, my son’s singing, “VIRGIN! Virgin virgin virgin EMERGENCY!”

“WHAT are you SINGING?!” I said, totally baffled, as that sinking feeling of “What am I going to deal with now?” settled into the pit of my stomach that parents know well.

“It’s a song on the radio station he listens to in his bedroom”, daughter replied. “WHAT are you LISTENING to?!” The sinking feeling grew worse, as I realized what a terrible, inattentive mother I am.

So he sings it again. “I’ve got a virgin virgin virgin EMERGENCY!”

After awhile, my husband (who’s amazing at Name that Tune) says “…URGENT?! By Foreigner?”

My son goes on to say “WELL I DON’T KNOW! The only other place I’ve heard that word is on Hocus Pocus (The Bette Middler Disney Halloween classic that I make my family watch every year, virgins & yabos aside). He puts on a creepy, dark voice, “‘A virgin will light the black flame candle!’ I don’t know why they’re singing about unmarried women on the radio.”

I don’t REMEMBER telling him that’s what “virgin” means, but I’m going to let it ride for now. 😉

First thing when we got home, I played him the song & corrected his understanding of the lyrics.

My son will no longer be singing that he has a virgin emergency. I will however be laughing for a really long time.