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I’ve got a Virgin Emergency!

We spent the weekend in a cabin. At bedtime, my son’s singing, “VIRGIN! Virgin virgin virgin EMERGENCY!”

“WHAT are you SINGING?!” I said, totally baffled, as that sinking feeling of “What am I going to deal with now?” settled into the pit of my stomach that parents know well.

“It’s a song on the radio station he listens to in his bedroom”, daughter replied. “WHAT are you LISTENING to?!” The sinking feeling grew worse, as I realized what a terrible, inattentive mother I am.

So he sings it again. “I’ve got a virgin virgin virgin EMERGENCY!”

After awhile, my husband (who’s amazing at Name that Tune) says “…URGENT?! By Foreigner?”

My son goes on to say “WELL I DON’T KNOW! The only other place I’ve heard that word is on Hocus Pocus (The Bette Middler Disney Halloween classic that I make my family watch every year, virgins & yabos aside). He puts on a creepy, dark voice, “‘A virgin will light the black flame candle!’ I don’t know why they’re singing about unmarried women on the radio.”

I don’t REMEMBER telling him that’s what “virgin” means, but I’m going to let it ride for now. 😉

First thing when we got home, I played him the song & corrected his understanding of the lyrics.

My son will no longer be singing that he has a virgin emergency. I will however be laughing for a really long time.

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