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Beginning Wood-Burning Project Gift

My 10-year-old personalized these bamboo kitchen utensils for my mom for Christmas.


Wood burning takes patience. It’s not as easy as drawing with a pen & the grain of the bamboo will affect how the wood-burner moves on surface. The bright side is that these utensils are inexpensive (less than a dollar a piece), can be used even in case of a big “screw up” & gramma’s are pretty easy to please when it comes to homemade gifts!



Wood-burned Personalized Kitchen Utensils:
Bamboo kitchen utensils (6 pack, $7)
Wood-burner ($15-25)

Sketch a loose, simple design on the handles of the utensils in pencil. OR do a couple free-hand!

Trace your pencil design with the wood-burner. The temperature will take some getting used to, too cool & you have to press hard on the surface, too hot & you’ll have other problems. Wood-burners get very hot, so caution is obviously necessary.

The utensils do not need to be sealed after the wood-burning.

A teenager wrote this Instructable about wood-burning & it’s written on a level kids could really grasp.

Above all, just have fun. It doesn’t need to be “perfect” but your kids will get a lot of pride out of their work.