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#ErynReadin2016 January

Here’s what I read in January, 2016. A good start to the year. Total page count:1713.

Started Finished Title Author Genre Recommend? Page Length Page Total:
1/1/2016 1/10/2016 Dune Frank Herbert Sci Fi More, please. Yes. 800 1707
1/13/2016 1/17/2016 The Natural World of Winnie the Pooh Kathryn Aalgo NonFic: Biographical Lovely! YES. 308  
1/17/2016 1/17/2016 Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe Yumi Sajugawa Graphic Novel? Illustrated New Age. Is that your thing? Then yes. 20(rounded down for illustrations)  
1/18/2016 1/21/2016 The Light Between Oceans ML Stedman Novel Well-written but gut-clenching. No? 345  
1/26/2016   Bazaar of Bad Dreams Stephen King Short Stories Yes (Not finished yet.) 234  

I read Dune because it was one of my brother’s top 5 favorite books. I always meant to read it, but the length was daunting. My husband enjoyed it & many of the sequels, but said that I “wouldn’t enjoy it” but can’t recall why he said that. It may be because of the later sequels.

I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the message of self-control & I enjoyed the SCOPE of the universe that Frank Herbert created.

I was floored when I learned that Frank Herbert was inspired to write Dune by my very area. People think of the Pacific Northwest & they think of rain, but we have should more accurately be known for our dryland agriculture. We make the land do what we want. To an amazing extent. The Grand Coulee Dam filled HUGE dry fissures (coulees) that cut northeastern Washington’s desert with water. We then irrigated an entire half of our state with that water we were slowing down as it traveled from Canada to the Pacific Ocean. You can’t really imagine the scope of this unless you’ve seen the dam or lived through a summer in the inland Pacific Northwest.

Not 10 minutes from my house, you can be in sand dunes. A patron told me that when she was a kid, her uncle would pick her & her siblings up in his tender truck, drive out to the dunes & they’d make pools in the dunes. They’d spend the day making sand castles. Sleepless in Seattle is not THE Washington Experience.

I wish I’d read Dune as a teen. I’d recommend it to anyone, but I wish I could get everyone from Eastern Washington & Oregon to read it. If I had someone visiting me from out of the area, I’d ask them if they’d read Dune! Then we could go for a drive to the sand dunes. 🙂

The book I read this month that I REALLY recommend is Kathryn Aalgo’s The Natural World of Winnie the Pooh. It’s the loveliest book I’ve read in a long time. It’s about Milne’s inspiration for Winnie the Pooh & Shepard’s inspiration for the artwork.

I’m finishing up Stephen King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. I should have had it finished by now, but my brains a little scattered currently.

Google Maps Turns Disneyland Map in a PAC-MAN Game!

For April Fool’s Day 2015, Google Maps built a game that turns their maps into a PAC-MAN game!

Infest Disneyland with PAC-MAN ghosts & race down Main Street to devour them by looking up Disneyland on Google Maps, zooming in a bit, then center the park on the right half of the screen. Then click the square at the bottom, to turn the map into your very own Disneyland PAC-MAN game!

Google Maps PAC-MAN Disneyland Map
I’m hoping Google will allow us to play this even after April Fool’s Day.

Crazy Mountain Ranch, Summer 2014 Lodging

The Crazy Mountain Ranch is an 18,000 acre working cattle ranch. It has a small town which is comprised entirely of antique & reclaimed buildings! The insides of these buildings have been reworked into the ranch’s guest lodging & activity centers. Every detail is just spot on & lovely.

We had the extreme luck to get a private cabin for our lodging! There are only a small number of these on the ranch, I was only aware of 3, including ours. Our cabin was called the Assay Office.

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014


When you arrive, there are gifts to treat you & prepare you for the elements at the ranch. We were each given a very nice waterproof jacket, water bottles, bandannas, flashlights, and $150 to spend in the General Store on anything else we might like or need.

We bought a pair of Costa sunglasses because my husband forgot his, a Garmin GPS specialized for hiking, western jewelry for me, a wallet for my son, a metal water bottle with a topographical map of the ranch property on it, and some fun stuff like a dinner bell & a TON of old timey candy. The Crazy Mountain Ranch General Store had such a nice variety of items for everyone, including Carhartt sweatshirts & t-shirts customizable with the ranch logos.

We were also given each a new Stetson cowboy hat, which ranch staff steamed & shaped for us and a each a new pair of Ariat cowboy boots which staff helped us find the perfect size in. Boots are required for riding the horses & since most people don’t own them, the ranch gives you a pair! I’ve never worn cowboy boots before, in spite of living in western country, so it was nice to get a pair fitted to me!

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014

More pictures are available at my whentheBstings Instagram account.

Crazy Mountain Ranch, Summer 2014 Activities

When you are verified as the winner of a trip to the Crazy Mountain Ranch, you & your guest are sent a list of activities to choose from. My husband said it’s like summer camp for adults, which it totally is! Here are some of the photos taken during our activities. All activities were led by highly-trained, highly-competent guides who wanted nothing short of a perfect experience for us.

Don’t we look happy?

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014

Marlboro Crazy Mountain Ranch 2014


More pictures are available at my whentheBstings Instagram account.