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Kids’ Book Reviews: Star Wars: Jedi Academy

My 11-year-old read Star Wars: Jedi Academy by Jeffery Brown. We all LOVED Brown’s first books, Darth Vader & Son and Vader’s Little Princess, which are full of adorable illustrations showing what may have been, had Darth Vader raised Luke & Leia & were very excited to see this new, longer format, book out by Brown.


Here is his review & summary of Star Wars: Jedi Academy.

A very good book that I would recommend to everyone, but mainly middle-schoolers. It has the art style of Vader’s Little Princess and the format style of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

**spoiler alert**

Roan is a farm boy on Tatooine, who gets rejected from pilot school. So the Jedi academy notes this and sends him a letter and paperwork to fill to be enrolled.

He reluctantly goes and meets his teachers, including a wookie for P.E and Yoda for Using the Force class and Light Saber class. He joins the light saber dueling club and learns to use a light saber and competes in the annual light saber dueling competition.

There are three rounds in the light saber dueling competition. Roan fights round one and loses. In the third round when the school bully (a Zabrak) fights against one of Roan’s friends, Roan accidentally turns off the bully’s light saber using the force. The teachers are then forced to give the match to the bully.

For end of year exams, they have to lift a boulder with the force. Roan succeeds and passes.

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