My Son Made My Bed…

My son told me he had made my bed for me.

I went into my bedroom to see this!


He brought his blue top sheet from his bed & every stuffed sea animal he owns & “made my bed”…

Into a SEABED! I only have myself to blame for these little punny buggers that live in my house.

The big lobster/crawdad was his first lovey. His dad gave it to him the day he was born & he used to teethe on its antennae. The wee lobster is a Ty Teenie Beanie from McDonalds that we tracked down so his lobster could have a tiny friend.

The sea turtle is from our trip to Orlando. The blue turtle he won at the county fair.

The manatee is actually mine & named Hugh. OH THE HUGH MANATEE!

The two fish are actually famous sturgeon, Herman the Sturgeon. He picked them up at Bonneville Dam & Fish Hatchery, which is a must-do stop if you’re traveling along the Columbia River east of Portland, OR for any reason.

I got a pretty good chuckle out of my son’s shenanigans.

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